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Fungal Nail infection

Nail fungus can lead to thickened, discoloured, and brittle nails, affecting both toenails and fingernails. This common condition can cause discomfort and may worsen if left untreated. Early fungal nail treatment is crucial to manage the infection and prevent its spread.

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Fungal Nail infection FAQ's

Symptoms include discoloured, thickened, and brittle nails, often with pain or swelling around the nail.

Prevent infections by keeping nails clean and dry, avoiding walking barefoot in communal areas, and not sharing nail tools.

Yes, keeping nails clean and dry, avoiding nail injuries, and wearing breathable footwear can help prevent infections.

A healthcare provider can diagnose the infection through a physical examination and may take nail clippings for lab testing.

Treatments include antifungal tablets like Terbinafine and topical solutions like Amorolfine.

Treatment duration can range from several weeks to months, depending on the severity and type of medication used.

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